Custom Games Arena Dio Giveaway


I am what I am
Apr 19, 2011
York, Pa
Looks like the word got out .
PM sent to Fogger,
hey bro, wanted to ask if you could help me out with my dio give away. It is going to be between the final 8 people in the tourney minus me but add MW. My plan is to set a post number and the person to post on it wins it, or the first competitor to post after it if a non entrant hits the post mark. Its going to be a quick one. I only plan on making the number 69. haha. Anyhow my favor is for me to list you as the person I pre gave the number to and have you post that you received it. Just so people know its fair. Your IMO one of the most trust worthy and respected members here and perfect for it. If you don't want to that's cool bro.
We have a winner. Send me a PM with your address bro.