Finished-ALIENS Newt


Turtlenap, Hanger Alpha
Mar 29, 2011
Finally finished.
[BGCOLOR=transparent]I have a previous version of Newt, but not only does she not have much articulation, she also didn't look the right age/height. Awhile back I picked up a Jurassic World Maise and thought not only was she closer to the age and height of the movie character, she also had much better articulation.[/BGCOLOR]

[BGCOLOR=transparent]I also picked up a Harry Potter Cho Chang and thought that if I cut her arms down a bit, they would work great for this figure and add elbow articulation. I also gave her a pair of Rose Tico hands and I think she's on her way. Some paint, new hair piece, extend the bottoms of her pant legs and make some holes for exposed knees and she should be done.[/BGCOLOR]

[BGCOLOR=transparent]The first picture is her with the new (unpainted) hair, coat removed and some elbow articulation I tried to cobble together from a set of hinged GI Joe hands. The second picture is how she is at the moment with sculpted "overalls" added and new paint on upper body clothing and arms. I managed to find a EXTREMELY close paint match for the denim material of the legs and applied it to the upper body. [/BGCOLOR]

[BGCOLOR=transparent] I had made some metal overall attachments using thin wire, but that proved to me impractical and had to be removed. Not sure what else to came from a Baroness figure...I think. I had to resculpt the part in [/BGCOLOR][BGCOLOR=transparent]the hair so that it was on the side it is now....oh....and I nearly glued one hip joint completely solid. The forward and back movement was really loose due to separating the two upper body halves, so I tried to shore it up with super glue, I know I should have tried Elmers glue. Anyway, after working it every which way, it almost sheared off at the upper thigh until I took a tiny screw driver and separated the whole thing. I don't know how they do it, but the pin going through the leg and into the swivel, it's almost like it was molded in one part, I've never figured out how they do that and maintain movement. So that "pin" broke off on one end which allowed the leg to be removed. I didn't really want to go through all the work to make the pin permanent, so I just placed it back as best I could and I'm going to leave it for now. It moves just fine and doesn't look like it's going to fall off OR break the pin on the other end.[/BGCOLOR]


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Turtlenap, Hanger Alpha
Mar 29, 2011
Ed, I have seen the Stranger Things figures, and have thought about picking s few up for my ALIENS universe (children of colonists). I really wish they would have put some sort of joint in the hips that would allow for the legs to move to the what was use don the Masie figure.

JJ, thank you!

Lord Bodega, that is a custom Ripley, although I did mold and make copies of the HT kit Ripley's feet and used those on mine.