G.I. Joe 3.75" ReAction figures by Super7


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Just when you thought the world couldn't get any crazier, Super7 is making (presumably) 5-PoA Joes that homage comic and ARAH designs.

Super7 G.I. Joe ReAction 3.75" Figures Update - What Will We See? (toynewsi.com)

While I understand that 5 PoA is the ReAction line's shtick, it's incredibly bizarre for them to make retro-inspired figures that are substantially shittier than the vintage figures they're homaging. It's cute when they do it for Stranger Things or Back to the Future, who never had toy lines to speak of. But to make crappy Joe figures that pale in comparison to vintage o-ring Joes seems like a serious step backwards. For the price, in most cases you can buy a mediocre copy of the vintage figure from ebay and be much better off.

"Right now there looks to be two waves listed which seem to be a mix of both comic and A Real American Hero (RAH) designs. So far we have only found a couple listings for wave 2. We are making an assumption that the RAH figures will have looks based on the original Hasbro RAH action figures. No I don't think these will have O-Rings.

There are army builder figures such as Cobra Troopers and G.I.Joe Greenshirts that look like will have several variations, which I assume is in regards to skin tone. Some say "pink" which might be a reference for white Caucasian. For the Cobra Trooper is also looks like we will get some with H-shaped web gear and some with Y-shaped. Anyway from the listings we have found so far, it looks like we will be seeing the following figures:

Wave 1:
RAH Snake-Eyes
Cobra Trooper (H-Back Dark Brown)
Cobra Trooper (H-Back Light Brown)
Cobra Trooper (Y-Back Pink)
Cobra Trooper (Y-Back Light Brown)
Greenshirt (Pink)
Greenshirt (Dark Brown)
Greenshirt (Light Brown)
Cobra Commander

Wave 2:
Snake-Eyes (Comic V.1)
Cobra Commander

I think it's quit possible these will be officially announced later today during Hasbro's G.I. Joe live-stream, so hopefully we will get more details then. The price Target has listed for them is $17.99 each and the DPCI# is 087-16-5499."
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So while I like the Super7 ultimate figures, I'm not 100% blown away. I'm going to order them because I think after a few waves come out and you have two solid teams of animation accurate figures, that's when they'll really shine. Even ignoring the scale difference, one rando toony Super7 next to a bunch of classifieds will look like crap. But a bunch of sunbow accurate figures together should be pretty darn sweet.

Believe it or not, I'm not THAT enamored with the cartoon. I do want my figures to have a classic look, but I'm not slavishly married to sunbow simplicity. I have always been staunchly against MP TFs bowing to cartoon accuracy and forsaking their real-world auto counterparts. On the other hand, I do not like when they take huge liberties with characters and make them recognizable in name only. I'm looking at you, Classified Roadblock with your tattoos and f#$%ing gold boots. There is a happy middle-ground somewhere amongst all the nostalgia, modernization, detail, and simplicity.

The 4" figures though... yikes. I could not be less interested. 5 PoA figures that are substantially inferior to their original counterparts makes zero sense to me. At $17 a pop, who the hell are those for? I'd much rather continue getting wal-mart retro Joes with full articulation on classic original card art for $12. Super7 can keep that Kenner shit.


"Big Guns"
That Cobra Commander is golden and I’ll buy him in a heartbeat if he scales well with Classified.
He will not. Super7 ultimates are 7" scale, so he would tower over your other cobras.

Apparently I'm just starting a 7" collection I suppose... (insert head in hands emoji)

The green shirts & blueshirts come in 3 flesh tones & random different harnesses Y & H
Interesting idea but at $18 a pop who’s army building.

It's beyond baffling. I don't even know who would want a display of these things, carded or open. They're such a slap in the face to the articulation that set joe above the rest of the 3.75" world back in the day, I just don't understand. I'd much rather have vintage Joes than these derpy Kenner rejects.
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