Hiya Aliens Line

jersey john

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Mar 13, 2018
What's unfair is how brittle and fragile these are compared to the Neca ones for close to the same price. I'd rather pay a little more and get the Neca ones which are a lot more durable, have better paint applications, and much more accurate head sculpts. Those are my biggest gripes with this line.
I like neca. I love their ideas and they make a great product. They're headquarters is 2 towns over from me in nj. I've meet some of the people that work there at local toys r us n shows. But my entire collection is 1/18 and I def want a 1/18 predator to fit with everything I already have. For a small figure hiya has great paint apps. Only complaints I've heard were some of the joints need a hair dryer to work loose, legs specifically and the feet suck they don't wana stand on their own but other they that hiya has great details as well. I do agree on prices though how they can be close to each other in price sucks but all 1/18 figures are going the 20 to 25 dollar price point which blows. It blows hard


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Aug 25, 2018
Dropshipbob. Yeah totally agree its Not nice timeframes get pushed back. However pretty much every company is doing that constantly.
Look at Mezco, Look at ThreeA for starters.
Alas simply put it is par for the course.
Ideally they showed the prototype and next we hear they are ready to roll. However it appears getting those PO is more important to these companies.

YautjaClanLeader, I get the Neca are better but again just the scale differences makes a huge impact on what is possible.
Again my point with using Hot Toys snap kits. Same scale as HIYA and paint application fails, brittle and fragile and Not screen accurate head sculpts or their camo was not perfect trying to capture the film camo. That Hiya went with something totally different I honestly do not have issues with.
Paint applications fails Can be levelled at pretty much Every brand that makes figures too.

HIYA have never produced TOP notch figures, look at their 101st OURWAR and the WW2 Germans.
As for price increase, alas that is pretty much on Everything but HIYA are still cheap enough.


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Mar 29, 2011
I get that time frames change, but HIYA keeps resetting theirs every 4 months. Just say it's two years down the road and then if you actually come out with the product much earlier, then you look like you kicked ass and pulled it out of the fire and everyones happy.

Pre-orders seemed really important and they lost mine because they kept jerking things around. Now....I'm not saying MY pre-order was the most important NOR the only one helping the situation....BUT....I'd be almost positive I wasn't the only one who canceled their PO for that reason.

In the end, I try to keep things in perspective, it's just a dam toy. HIYA's going to do what they do and I'll just have to watch how things go.


Turtlenap, Hanger Alpha
Mar 29, 2011
I saw pictures of HIYA's display at Toy Fair, looks like the APC may actually finally be coming out. They had a few of their Marines and two creatures plus eggs from Alien: Covenant. Don't care about the latter except the facehuggers that are supposed to come with the eggs, but that APC.....man I'm trying not to get my hopes up.