Ideas on putting windows in vehicles?

jersey john

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Mar 13, 2018
Hot glue (glue gun) works well enough in corners believe it or not I had some luck with clear silicone caulk. I get it free from work you just can't go overboard with it but so far everything I used it on seems to be holding well


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Mar 14, 2011
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I've used super glue if it's being glued to the inside. Oversize the "glass" and tack the edges. I've also used all purpose abs cement. Works REALLY well. It melts the plastics together. Basically a weld.



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Mar 29, 2011
Great, I've got some of that too. I hesitate to use super glue because the clear plastic of blister packs is usually pretty hard to get to stay in place without using a ton of superglue....and then...fogging.

General Havoc

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Sep 4, 2013
I use Super glue all the time. But use the bob smith inc stuff you can get at the hobby store. I thing the cheap common stuff you can get at the super market is the stuff that makes the white fog issue. you can also try the excelerant. I is the purple and magenta bob smith inc stuff with the excelerant on everything with excelent results . infact i just redid the windows i put in a cobra stinger jeep with not issues. I had used hot glue, which by the way if you hit it with the bob smith inc excelerant will lose its adhesion and peal right off. Come to think of it the fogging might have something to do with the viscosity of your super glue. Common marekt store super glue tends to be very runny as is the bob smith inc blue which also drys really fast and fume alot. I belve the fumeing causes the fog. The Purple is thicker less runny and doesn't fume as mush and the magenta is even thicker and even less runnier than the purple. I would recommend the magenta. Then try do a miss of the area with the excelerant it will ceate kind of a barrier in case the glue starts to ooz. I would also say the liguid of the exclerant would reap any fumes.


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Mar 15, 2011
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I use the Bob Smith as well .

The thick gap filling purple and gold.

But you need to use the GOLD on clear plastic .

I use the thick purple in my construction with kicker.

The kicker will most lickly fog any clear plastic .

The gold is more expensive but is not as harsh as the purole.

Never use the kicker next to clear parts

I have used the gold on many many windows and have never had an issue.

And as a plus the gold is odorless.