Ramen Toys


"Big Guns"
These guys are starting to produce enough stuff that they at least deserve a catch-all thread. While it appears to be a skeleton crew operation, they seem very transparent (lots of video updates), very honest about challenges, changes, pricing, and product decisions, and mostly they seem like fans of many of the same 80's properties we all love here.

Welcome to Ramen Toy

At the moment, they're working on a black '68 Hell-Charger for your Ghostrider needs, and it looks better than the failed Marvel Haslab, and at a cheaper price. There is also a variant of this product that is an orange '69 Charger with "special decal set" for all your 1:12 Duke of Hazzard needs. Both have lights and engine noise effects, and can fit up to 4 "normal sized" ML, Classified, Valaverse, Multiverse figures. These cars are supposed to ship in the Jan/Feb timeframe. Fingers crossed.

1704312138824.png 1704312437906.png

They've shown renders and prototypes of what the guy calls a 1:12 Bread Car... which is a GMC van. They are going to offer a base black or white unit plus an "alpha" vehicle with lots of extras that happens to very much resemble the A-Team van. Basic seats two, Alpha seats four. Preorders aren't up yet, but he says earlybird pricing will be $99/$125 for the two versions and regular price will be $140/$175, IIRC. Both of those are before shipping, which is non-trivial (it's $50 on the chargers). Still, getting a 1:12 A-Team van for $175 shipped with an earlybird PO seems like a steal.

1704312639550.png 1704312691724.png

He's also working on some MASK toys in a smaller scale, maybe original MASK scale? Not sure if he's remaking something or making toys that never got released. I'm unclear on all this as I never collected MASK, but those who did sure seem excited for what he's putting out.

And Ramen also announced they would be at one of the Joe conventions... "fest" if I'm not mistaken. He said they are doing some actual licensing with big companies like Hasbro (he let it slip) and implied that renders we've seen of a 1:12 Bridge Layer were likely to get produced :eek: So I guess Hasbro is letting them do stuff they can't do at retail and can't imagine themselves doing as a Haslab? Either way, I'll take it.


On top of all that, they've got a modified canopy for the McFarlane Batmobile, some Centurians and Siverhawks projects, Top Gun pilots, Bravestarr figures, and a host of other things. These guys seem all over the place, but as long as they can deliver, I'll try to support them.

They do seem small, and I suspect there will be some non-trivial delays when they get into the heart of shipping the Chargers en-mass, as those logistics are often time consuming. He said they are trying to hire more help and if they can get the right sculptors, they might consider making figures of the Duke Boys and A-Team to go with the vehicles. That feels like a long way off pipe-dream, but if half of the irons they've got in the fire pan out, they'll be making a splash this year. I'm definitely rooting for them!