Tantive IV


"Big Guns"


"Big Guns"
Agreed. If you own a 3D printer, you could probably make both sides of the hallway for way less than $50.

I have some awesome SW playset parts made out of masonite. 6-8 years ago, a guy with a laser cutter he used for work was designing and selling limited quantities for charity or his kid's cub scouts or something. I bought a bunch and never painted or assembed them. Hallways, carbon freeze chamber flooring and stairs (that look better than the recently released stuff). It was really ambitious.

It should be sweet, but it got backburnered when 1:18th stuff died and I became enamored with 6" and 2" figures. I'll find it when I'm old and cleaning out my storage unit.


"Big Guns"

I keep looking at your shots thinking how they'd look with some dynamic lighting. I bought a couple of these cordless RGB video lights from PixeL to give my photos some ooomph. You could set them on top of some frosted plexiglass used as a ceiling, and you'd have some really cool ambiance in the Tantive IV. Cool white for normal diplomatic mission operation, bright red for emergency lighting during an Empire attack, low-brightness light blue for when the power's been cut, etc. Lots of possibilities.

Amazon.com : RGB Video Light, Pixel Led On Camera Pocket Light with Built-in 4000mAh Rechargeable Battery/0-1530 °/ 2500k-8500k/10 Simulation Light Effect/TLCI 97+/ Aluminum Alloy Body Video Light for Photography : Electronics

I used them for the first time the other day in my photos of my customized Classified Firefly, and I was really pleased with the results. You can achieve practically any color, any saturation, any brightness. I'm not a particularly good photographer, but I imagine someone with far more talent than me could really do cool stuff with them.
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Aug 15, 2012
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Yes I wanted to use the stage (another project) that has the proper lighting, but I grabbed the electrical surge protectors for christmas stuff & haven't put them back were they belong.

The stage aka The Phantom's Theater, deserves its own thread, but I need time to put it back together.

Thinking of maybe running an electrical cord & using the original (spot light) design :unsure: to get lights for the other areas.

To many crazy dio projects, not enough crazy people to help me build a crazy train (1:18) guy layout.