Wayward Goat Collectibles MARV Modular Armored Range Vehicle Coming Soon To Kickstarter


Apr 23, 2011
Raleigh, NC

I have a brief project update for the Modular Armored Range Vehicle. I got the production costs finalized, so now I'm working hard to get the MARV ready for crowdfunding. It will hopefully be up on Kickstarter by late October/early November, so still hitting the original Fall 2018 target for launch.

The projected price point for the MARV is $90 USD plus shipping. Keep in mind this is a small-run item with a greater number of pieces compared to mass-retail vehicle offerings. It has been a goal to keep the MARV affordable without sacrificing on quality, and I feel that goal has been met.


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Mar 26, 2014
Why is this more fun then like 4 bbi armored Humvee?

It’s cool! And way better quality,but on your shelf or in a box for the sake of owning it? unless your digler? he’d get more outta it,but can get stuff just as cool outta a Walmart toy,and some paint..still have that $90 in that back pocket. Idk. Maybe im
Too old to see the value? I did on the other hand get talked into the barge. I’m looking to trade it for a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado. Gas burner please,2wd is fine(I’m not greedy),prefer manual trans(you’ll have to order that special)..Any takers?


Apr 23, 2011
Raleigh, NC
Thanks for spreading the word Dre! Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but it has been a busy couple of days. Thank you all so much for the support of the MARV. We have raised nearly 20% of our funding goal in well under a week, and some cool stuff is planned to keep the momentum going.

I spoke with The Full Force Fancast, where we discuss the current campaign as well as the MARV development process. Watch/listen to our chat on youtube:
Cool. Gonna see if I can scrape together enough for at least one. Thooooough, I already have zero room for half of the collection I do have. :headinsand:
When in doubt, suspend it from the ceiling! MARVs can fly!

Damn dude it's finally live !!!!!! And I'm broke like a joke.... anyone want or need a kidney?
Please do not risk personal health and safety for the MARV!

On a serious note, I went with a longer funding period for the campaign to account for the high price point and funding goal. In addition, Kickstarter doesn't charge you until the campaign ends (and only if the funding goal is met). You are also able to adjust or cancel a pledge at any time while the campaign is live.

They need to put up some pics with figures and maybe a Humvee.
"They" are working on it! I will be sharing scale/comparison photos via Kickstarter updates during the course of the campaign. I took a very conservative approach on featuring other toys in the initial campaign imagery as to not confuse backers about what is included; I also wanted to avoid upsetting other brands/manufacturers. Using updates for more photos will also help keep the campaign fresh on people's minds while it's running.
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Aug 15, 2012
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But is there room on the back for at least 2 or more GI Joes to hang on haphazardly? Also can I get it painted in bizarre colors that a real military/terrorist organization would never actually use, To match my pink 90s Gi Joes?

Or maybe I’ll just paint on the super secret SHIELD logo, so no one will know there are covert ops in there.

No seriously I will just paint a fighting My Little Pony logo because real military folks are cringing at this post :p
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