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  • I'll be done soon. Got one more month of trades/transactions to finish(since i'm leaving out of town in about a week for three weeks) and I'll get some 50th stuff, then I'll be done.
    I'm alright. I got some 50th Anniversary stuff, though when I tried to get a Danger at the Docks set(w/blue Flint) I found out someone beat me to it. Now I have to go to the much further locations to find it or hope next week my local TRU will resupply...
    howsit going sir ? my names Pete ,I placed an order with tofu jesse last year, never received anything from him ,tried getting a hold of him through facebook, finally he answered me back in march ,gave me store credit,i redid my order again,its almost august , tried contacting him again but no reply, order # 1367984088-126, thank you
    Haha I'll have to check it out! Be wary though, there's a few pieces that come across so you can equip his sword and shield
    No not me, green names are moderators, I am just staff (light grey), I write articles for front page and keep an eye out, but only green will ever moderate anything. I get involved in a few behind the scenes things with MW like the 118th Flag we did.
    thanks - no hurry at all... just think more people will see them that way. The last one especially has some great pics of the new sets in it.
    I sent the Joe accessories out today...for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to reassemble the guts, but I threw the parts in a tiny baggie...maybe you can open yours up and see how to put them back together?
    I plan to do 4 dios as prizes a year, another will be up at end of summer and a special one (not part of the 4) is coming soon. Cant say any more than that right now.
    Going to mail that for you tomorrow for sure. Gonna hang in today, rough work weekend, until I go see The Lone Ranger with my dad this evening. I'll get some much needed packing tape after and get yours set up tonight for tomorrow mailing.
    Looking like a great month for ya, front page and now you are taking a good lead in the custom contest. Congrats
    you can post it wherever you want after the contest. you normally want the first impression to be during the contest to get a true "wow effect". That normally helps you get the most votes.
    Yea that section is all fucked up right now. I will approve it right now and then u can reply and I'll approve right away.
    I have only seen the comic book movies that are in theaters... I love them all...I cannot say I recall how accurate they are to the original comic stories nor do I care...they are just fun. I will have to check out the selections and start picking some up some time...any suggestion where to start? Or are they separate stories so it does not matter?
    My favorite DC movies if you haven't seen them are - Justice League Crisis on Two Earths, Superman Doomsday, Superman/Batman Public Enemies, Superman/Batman Apacolypse, and Justice League Doom. All must sees if you like DC animated movies. Kids will love all of them too (lots of villains/heroes in the crossovers) if you don't mind the more adult violence in them. Doomsday kills everything it encounters.
    I have every DC animated movie made to date. (Marvel too) Dark Knight Returns 1 and 2 are pheonominal! Part 2 has Superman. Lets just say in Part 2 The President (Ronald Reagan) orders Superman to bring Batman in. Lets just say Batman resists Superman with the help of a cameo of another hero I will not name. It was an awesome battle!!!
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