Will build a 1:18th scale AV-8B Harrier II to your specs.

Nov 18, 2016
Bowman, Georgia
I am a proffesional model builder who wants to build a 1:18th scale Harrier customized to your specs and will paint to the Squadron of your choice. Will also fix Harrier cockpit and ejection seat placement. I've been building models proffesionaly for over 30 years and have samples of workand will email samples to you. If you are interested in getting a kick ass Harrier made to your specs, So let me know. Price will come close to Prebilt Merit Harrier but really depends on Squadron choice and diffuculty of markings. IMG_2387.JPG IMG_2386.JPG IMG_1305 (1).JPG IMG_1362 (1).JPG IMG_1457 (1).JPG IMG_2053.JPG IMG_2232 (1).JPG birds of a feather.jpg