World's Smallest


"Big Guns"
Not to be confused with World's Smallest Transformers from a decade ago, World's Smallest is made by Super Impulse and include tiny figures of Joe, TF, MOTU, TMNT, Universal Monsters, Bob Ross, D&D, Stan Lee, in addition to tiny versions of Hot Wheels, arcade games, classic board games, rubix cubes, nerf, 8-balls, etc. Basically anything sold in the 80's has a tiny version. They're sold at WM, Cracker Barrell, and other places that sell trinket-style goods.

They've been around a few years, but they just recently started releasing more of those classic figures that also come with a tiny (2" tall) full-length comic. They have 3 Joes, six different TFs, all four TMNT turtles, and 8-9 MOTU figures. But I love those tiny comics, which even come with a tiny piece of plastic to magnify the text in case you can't read it. They come in blind bags, but the turtles have keychains attached, so they rattle different and are easy to identify up front.

The articulation is crappy, but I doubt anyone is buying these for serious play. Mostly they're a novelty, but it's a lot of nostalgia in a tiny package. I want to make a 1:12 toy/comic store display eventually, so these will help. I have many duplicates, so if anyone is looking for one in particular, let me know.

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