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April Banner Contest

It’s that time of the Month again! Wait.. what? Oh.. right..  The theme for the April Banner Contest is Hand to Hand Combat! Here is a quote from Banner Contest runner Major Blood: “April’s theme will be hand to hand combat. It can have the use of edged weapons and guns,  but guns can’t be used for firing.  Pistol whipping and hitting with the stock are acceptable.  Even blocking a weapon with the gun. This does not have to be limited to military themes.  Sci Fi themes have a chance to compete also.   That is,  if anyone can pose them with those T crotches. Oh yea, this one is all natural.  That should make it a little tougher. Good luck! “ The Monthly Banner Contest has been one of the most successful and favorite features here on the Fighting 1:18th.  ... Read More »

SlayerCon 2- Day 2 Coverage

SlayerCon 2 Day 2 Coverage One of The Fighting 1:18th Founding members, Fogger1138 attended the event and has the Intel for us! We don’t have a whole lot of New information from Day 2 however we do have a much larger Gallery including some more pictures from Day 1.  Below are some tidbits from Fogger. – Got to see Ben (Jedi Master Ben on the SDS forums, one of Slayer’s sculptors) sculpting in wax.  The other main SDS sculptor works in resin,   so it was neat to see one way to do it. – Had a small demo on working with foam for cliffsides,  and for flocking coniferous and deciduous trees.  I got to take one home! – Played lots of Relic Wars. I got killed by zombies a LOT. – Got about 3-4 different ways to try to avoid ... Read More »