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Cobra Commander’s Vacation Getaway!

Cobra Commander’s Vacation Getaway!

Cobra Commander’s Vacation Getaway is an exclusive contest for the Fighting 1:18th!

Cobra Commander is in a deep dark place right now.  He spent a fortune redesigning himself for G.I.JOE Renegades.  Unfortunately for him,  Renegades was dead before it even got started.   To make things worse,  he’s now peg warming across the nation and already designing his new look for G.I.JOE Retaliation.   He’s decided to take a break, he’s going to travel the world and get away from his problems.  What will he find?  Love?  Happiness?  Hatred?  Only one way to find out!


Here are the Official Rules:

1. Staff, Officers and Members can sign up in the thread by posting. They then need to private message their address to Monkeywrench. The deadline is March 10th,  2012!
2. I will snap the first photo of Cobra Commander and then mail him out to a random member of the contest.  I will then randomly select the rest of the participants and create CC’s itinerary.
3. Members will have 2-3 weeks to snap photos of the Cobra Commander.  Once the photo’s are posted in the thread, the current owner will receive a pm with the address of the next location.  They will then send the CC to the next member.  Lather, Rinse and Repeat.
4. All participants can submit 3 photos total for the contest.
5. Four of the six prizes will be determined by the Staff.   The other two will be voted on my members of forum with Staff being ineligible to vote.
6. Each location that CC travels too he will pick up a “souvenir” that he needs to bring along during his travels.   This needs to be a small simple item and can be used in pictures.   Example: after you receive the CC, take your pics and get ready to ship him to his next destination, you add a knife to the package to bring with him.
7. This is a Worldwide event/contest.  No limitations.  When I do the drawing selections, I will consider the locations of the international contestants to cut costs on shipping. Expect the shipping costs to be $2-$6. Consider this to be your “entry cost” to the contest.
8. After CC has completed his journey.  I will post a recap of his travels including a total tally of his mileage traveled and a final picture with all of his “souvenirs”.  The figure and his “souvenirs” will then be used for a later event/contest TBD.

We have some great prizes available in 6 different categories.  To sign up for the Contest and view the prizes visit us Here

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