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Marauder Series 6 – A brief review

Well now that series 6 has been stocked and shipped, it’s time to look at some of the new items that have come out. Most of these have more “modern” looks and accessories to them ranging from the stocks to the picatinny rails.  Some of the scopes have been upgraded too along with a laser.  Let’s not forget a throwing star for your ninja’s too. First thing I noticed about these was that they seem to be more durable.  Most of the grips are thicker than some of the older waves as are the new stocks.  One thing that does though is stretch the hand of the figure you are using it with so be prepared to heat it up if you want it to handle some of the smaller items again.  Most of the weapons can be held in ... Read More »

Marauder “Gun-Runners” Series 6 IN STOCK!

A-Ten-Hut! Officer Marauder_John has posted that Marauder “Gun-Runners” Series 6 is Now Available!  You can purchase Series 6 on the Marauderinc website or on their eBay page.  Below is a quote from Marauder_John: Marauder Series #6 is NOW AVAILABLE! The individual Series #6 items & complete Series #6 sets are “live” on our website and ebay store. Please stop by and check them out. We hope you like the new releases and find them worthy to use with your figures. Rest assured, we brought in plenty of inventory to make sure NOTHING gets in the way of us “Gun-Running” Marauder Series #6 for you! Marauder has been a staple in the 1:18th community and has a impeccable reputation for high quality product and great customer service.  Don’t sleep on Series 6 and if you haven’t purchased any of the first 5 series,  I strongly ... Read More »