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I recently saw that Marauder Gun Runners started carrying a new action figure stand, this one of their own design. They unveiled the "Interlocking Display System" or IDS design at the recent JoeCON 09!

New Marauder IDS “Interlocking Display System” Stands now available!

Marauder IDS StandsI recently saw that Marauder Gun Runners started carrying a new action figure stand, this one of their own design. Apparently they unveiled the “Interlocking Display System” or IDS design at the recent JoeCON 09, but I couldn’t make it out to Kansas City this year!

I was intrigued that they decided to put a “A Real American Hero G.I. Joe”-sized peg on there, along side a modern-“25th Anniversary G.I. Joe”-sized peg as well. This allows you the ability to display either the old or the new figures with the same stand, no need to keep two separate piles of stands around anymore! Less clutter is always a win with me.

guns367This idea would be great for dioramas showing off a “then and now” type of thing, with the ARAH figures next to their modern counterparts, or if you just like mixing and matching your armies!

Another really interesting feature of the new IDS stand is its namesake, the interlocking base!  This allows you to line up your troops in perfect formation, if that’s your cup or tea, or you can make a sturdy diorama base out of enough of these, and move your figures around at will. The new design SHOULD also help keep most of the figures upright if one falls over, but we’ll have to put that to a torture test once we get some of these in-hand!

guns363Finally, one of THE coolest things I have seen in a while, you can stack these IDS stands IN 3-D! They fit together in such a way that you can build little squared-off steps and ridges for your figures to stand on.

This looks like it would work pretty well for stacked displays of your troops, you can actually see them all nicely. With some added customizing you could also turn this into some usable terrain with nice little peg holes.

I really wish these were available in desert tan. Black is perfectly fine for display formations, but if possible I’d love to see these cast in “sand color” or some sort of desert hue.

guns364I am going to order some of these soon, and when they arrive I’ll being doing a “follow up” post with some new pictures and some real-world comments!

Marauder John wanted me to let you all know, when you place your order with them, make sure to mention the Fighting 1:18th to get a FREE weapon of your choice added to your order! (Pretty sweet, perks!)

You can check out the Marauder Gun-Runners website here: Marauder Inc.com

Here is the direct link to the new IDS Stands: Marauder’s I.D.S. Action Figure Stands

guns357I’ve included Marauder’s official press release below.

The Marauder IDS Action Figure Stands (IDS stands for Interlocking Display System).  Unveiled for the first time at the recent GI Joe convention and the response from the attendees was OVERWHELMING!  Each stand has a vintage sized foot peg and 25th/Star Wars sized foot peg.  The IDS stands have a proprietary “slot” & “tab” feature that allows multiple stands to be securely joined together to make large army formations, diorama platforms or quick “action” poses.  The design allows for your figure display to be safely MOVED or slid along…without the figures falling over!  The uniform assembly allows for EASY figure setup and STRAIGHT figure formation; with no fear of the front figure falling over and the “domino” effect knocking over the rest of the figures!  Now you can spend only a few minutes setting up a HUGE formation…and THEN be able to move the ENTIRE display without fear of the display “crashing down!”  Also, the design allows for 3D or multi-level displays.

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