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There is a lack of decent female figures and although Annika seems to be a bit Baroness-esque she stands apart by looking more tactical than fashionable.

Spylounge Agent Annika

One of the cool things I picked up at this year’s Joecon was this non mass market 3 3/4″ action figure. I stumbled across it while browsing and was taken aback by its detail and accessories. She came in a nondescript clear plastic bag filled with six different heads and multiple weapons… all for $5!

I had never heard of Spylounge, Guru Toyz Inc, Sub Five or Agent Annika but after I got home I did some digging with the help of my girlfriend who had seen the character while searching for hot, female custom fodder. And hot, female custom fodder she is. Not that she doesn’t work as a stand alone, black-clad female commando. A couple of the heads have beautifully sculpted and painted faces and a couple are downright horrific. A talented customizer could probably repaint these and make them great.

She lacks the articulation to get into any realistic hard-core battle poses, especially in the hips and legs. Her arms are decently put together with rotating wrists, bending elbows, rotating upper arms and ball-jointed shoulders. Her waist and head both swivel 360 degrees. 12 points of articulation in all.

On top of the six distinct heads, Annika came with a pistol, an assault rifle, an RPG launcher, a katana, a pair of sunglasses, a tactical vest, a neck wrap and a figure stand. Everything is well detailed and the katana and RPG launcher are well painted.

I got a lot of bang for my buck here. The six heads alone would cost me upwards of $20 to $30 bucks on most aftermarket custom fodder websites. She fits in perfectly with Modern Era GI Joes and other 1:18th military toy lines. In my opinion, there is a severe lack of decent female figures and although Annika seems to be a bit Baroness-esque, she stands apart by looking more tactical than fashionable (when she’s wearing her vest and covering up her Rodeo Drive chest, at least).

Spylounge Action Figures

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