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Go get 'em Tiger (blood!) We're WINNING!

The Forums have been reborn!

Well.. the destruction was catastrophic.. but we managed to survive and move on.. barely.

Due to a database explosion, we seem to have lost all the data from our old forums. It was there, in my arms one moment and suddenly it was snatched away to the crushing blackness of the internet. I’m pretty sure 4chan got in on it too at some point, it wasn’t pretty any way you look at it…

I apologize for anything that was lost.. we had a couple YEARS worth of data there.. kind sad.

Anyway.. we have a NEW forum! Much like the old forum really.. you can still access it from the link above.. it even looks similar to the old forum.. it’s like finding out your dead wife had a identical twin.. feels right, but it’s just not the same.

So yeah.. go get ’em Tiger (blood!) We’re WINNING!

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  1. Still trying to figure out how this whole site works! LOL!

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  3. testing…testing. 123….123… luke….luke……i am your father……


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