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X Review: Lady Jaye

X Review: Lady Jaye


The sculpt is nice. Again, it reuses the Renegades Scarlett sculpt and Hasbro gave it a new head. The head itself is not bad, really. Given a new paint job, I’m sure it would look a whole lot better. It’s certainly different than the Renegades Scarlett head, but there’s something not quite right. It’s definitely not Adrienne Palicki to me, no matter how hard they tried to get it right.

Let’s go ahead and move on to the rest of the sculpt. Was it the right choice? I’m not so sure. They might have done better investing in something new that was more suitable. The Renegades Scarlett mold, while nice, is proportioned with subtle animation influences. Frankly, I find this mold is simply too slight. Adrienne Palicki’s got more meat on her bones than this. She’s also 5’11”! Just too small, too slight to be suitable.



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