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MP9 Leg Holster

MP9 Leg Holster

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Fit the loose ends of the straps through the underside of the buckles.  The reason I’m feeding through the underside instead of the topside is a because after you find the exact spot you want the holster positioned on the leg, you’ll have to be able to pull the straps tight before gluing.

****** After placing the holster on the leg, I’m going to show how to connect it to a pistol belt.  It’s actually a lot easier to accomplish this with the holster not attached to the leg, so if you want, you can come back to this part later. ******

I’ve positioned the replacement holster and have pulled the straps tight, glued, and pinched.  Just snip the excess and you’re done…. unless you’re using a pistol belt with it.

After gluing a strap to the last remaining buckle, using the previous method, I slide an end through the top opening on the holster.  Be sure to slide it in so that when the buckle is flipped over, the detailed side will be facing out.

Place a spot of glue, flip over, and pinch.  Snip the excess.

Now feed another strap through the topside of the buckle.  Glue, flip, pinch, and snip excess.

Feed the other end of the strap over the top of the belt.  Pull down, and just past the bottom edge of the belt, glue, pinch, and snip excess.

Now Stalker is ready to rock and roll.

We’d like to thank Giga Bread for sharing this step-by-step tutorial, and for his contributions to the world of Joe customizing.
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