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X Review: Professor X

X Review: Professor X


There’s been a few versions of Professor X in the past, though they were striving for a movie-realistic aesthetic. This time they’ve gone the opposite route and is shooting for the comic/cartoon aesthetic, and as far as I’m concerned, seems to hit the mark.


Real Name: Charles Xavier
Location: New York City
First Appearance: The Uncanny X-Men #1 (1963)
Created By: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Powers: Professor X is one of the most powerful mutants on the face of the earth. He can read minds, project an astral form of himself, communicate telepathically with others, can control and influence other’s minds, and can also sense other mutants. Professor X is considered to be the most powerful telepath in the world. Although Professor X could undoubtedly use his powers for evil, he has chosen to use them for the betterment of mankind, both mutant and human.

Charles Xavier also has a superior intellect. He is a world renown scientist, with extensive knowledge in genetics, psionics, and mutations. One of his creations is the device known as, “Cerebro.” Xavier uses his own telepathic abilities to boost the power of the Cerebro machine and can pinpoint mutants around the world.

Team Affiliations: X-Men, Ultimate X-Men
Currently Seen In: Various X-Men Titles
Interesting Fact: Xavier’s greatest enemy is also his greatest friend, Magneto.

Origin: Charles Xavier knew he was different. His powers emerged early in his life as a boy, even to the effect of feeling his half brother’s pain from beatings from his father. He learned to control his powers later in life. Xavier discovered his calling in life while traveling the world. He encountered a telepath by the name of Amahl Farouk – The Shadow King. Charles Xavier defeated him and decided to protect the world from evil mutants. His path of action would be cut short very soon however.

In Tibet, Xavier discovered a group of people enslaved by the mysterious Lucifer, who turned out to be an alien working to help plan an invasion of earth. Charles helped to lead the people to revolt against Lucifer, but in the battle, was crippled when a large stone was thrown upon him by Lucifer.

Now, as a paraplegic, Charles knew he couldn’t fight evil mutants head on, so he decided to start a school where he could train and direct young mutants to help protect humanity from those evil mutants that would try to oppress humanity and therefore set back his cause for equality with humans and mutants. Those that have graduated from his school and show true talent become a part of an elite strike-force known as The X-Men.

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