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Superman Unbound Review

Superman Unbound Review

Welcome back to Meddatron’s Eye Saw It movie reviews. With the Man of Steel being released in theaters this month, We here at the Fighting 118th decided to review DC Comics’s latest animated movie Superman Unbound. ┬áMarvel may reign supreme right now with live action movies, but DC takes the cake when it comes to animated and they brought it once again in this movie with a slight re-imagining of Braniac’s origins.

Stars – Matt Bomer (Superman/Clark), Stana Katic (Lois Lane), John Noble (Braniac), and Molly C. Quinn (Supergirl/Kara).

Directed by James Tucker

Written by Gary Frank (comic book), Geoff Johns (comic book), and Bob Goodman (Screenplay)

Lets take a look on the next page.

Superman Unbound Splash

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