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What’s a Dioramarama?

What’s a Dioramarama?

So, what is a dio-story? A dio story is just what the name implies,  A diorama that tells a story or shows emotion. This can be quite simple or this can be done very elaborately. Very similar to a comic book except the art is done via photography.

I know what you are thinking, that you can’t make sets, or do not have the computer skills to edit one. I am here to tell you, although that stuff makes a story kick ass, it isn’t needed as long as you have a good story. Humorous dio-stories can be done on printed backgrounds with a few figures and simple text under the picture. If you need help with links, Ideas, or suggestions, you can find some here.

There are various styles to dio-stories. We have video dio- stories. Same as a regular dio-story but the author is given the ability to add sound effects and music. This incarnation of the dio-story can be seen done by Fighting 118th member Tria in his Cobra Attacks. There is the comical dio-story and no one does that better than our very own Numbers (1337W422102) and his Ages 25 and up. Numbers Ages 25 and up also falls under the next category, the recurring dio-story. Keenan’s End of Days was just revived and falls under the same category.

So as you can see, Dio-stories are simple as long as you have a story. Be sure to check out all our great dio-stories we have. With great artists/storytellers and known 118thers like Darkhorse, Tria, Keenan, Numbers,  Gungho-Joe, Ctrl_Z, Blowtorch, and HeelJoe providing some of the action. I am sure there is a story for everyone.

Be sure to check back next month when we start to feature individual dio-stories on a monthly basis. So get your butts in gear and post a story so you too can have a dio-story feature. Thanks for reading!

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