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Scalpel by MSWI

Scalpel by MSWI

As always a heavy critique is not needed on MSWI’s work. Once again he nailed every facet of this custom. Great paint work, great parts selection, great sculpting, and great dremilling of some vintage parts.

As with alot of the brightly colored Joes and Cobras I have seen MSWI recreate, I really enjoy the way he dulls the colors while still retaining enough of the original color to almost trick you into not noticing. This guy is no different.

Just amazing work! Lets let his pics do the talking.

As always thank you for reading and a big thank you to MSWI for posting of this custom. If you would like to comment in MSWI’s main custom thread or see some of his previous customs, visit here. Eye will see you next time.

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