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X Review: Kumite Training Set

X Review: Kumite Training Set

I consider myself very lucky when a caster or customizer provides things for me to put up for review. Whether they are custom casts, full figures, or diorama accessories, I’m all over it. It doesn’t matter to me whether they want full price, give me a discount, or provide it for the free publicity they receive. Honestly, I’d pay full price for almost anything that this select few who add to the community provide. One such example of someone who adds to this community, is forum Officer Daremo!

Daremo snuck onto the scene in late 2007 with custom ninja weapons and other accessories, and has since been one of the main “go to” guys for finding out how to get things done. Whether it’s more in the way of accessories, or the finer detail work with greenstuff, Daremo is your man!

Today, we’ll be looking at Daremo’s “Kumite Training Set”, which is fantastic in both design and detail. What amazes me most is the vision this man had in creating these pieces. To look at styrene tube, foam marshmallows, and a plastic trash bag and see a heavy bag for training is beyond most peoples’ vision, but not him. And I think that takes a boat load of skill!

Like most X Reviews involving casters and accessories have been thus far, it will be mostly an overview and some great pictures, as there’s really nothing to compare it to otherwise.

Hit the gym on page 2 for more!


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