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X Review: Ultimate Cobra Commander

X Review: Ultimate Cobra Commander


Cobra Commander was first released as a mail-in offer in 1982, and was the last straight-arm figure to be released. The swivel-arm version was released the following year, in 1983. There have been 53 incarnations since the 1982 straight-arm version, not including the 25th Anniversary Fred VII version.


Courtesy of YoJoe.com.


From his original filecard:

Grade: Commander-in-Chief
Birthplace: (CLASSIFIED)
Primary Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Specialty: Ordinance (Experimental Weaponry)

Absolute power! Total control of the world…its people, wealth, and resources—that’s the objective of COBRA Commander. This fanatical leader rules with an iron fist. He demands total loyalty and allegiance. His main battle plan, for world control, relies on revolution and chaos. He personally led uprisings in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other trouble spots. Responsible for kidnapping scientists, businessmen, and military leaders, then forcing them to reveal their top level secrets.

“COBRA Commander is hatred and evil personified. Corrupt. A man without scruples. Probably the most dangerous man alive!”


Courtesy of YoJoe.com.

From the Retaliation “filecard”:

The evil Cobra Commander strikes from the sky using a tactical flight pack armed with a concussion bomb! The Cobra leader swoops down from above to drop the explosive device on the GI Joe squad below.

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