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F118thECCC Recap from Fogger

F118thECCC Recap from Fogger

Saturday arrived, as it always does, on the heels of Friday. No Meddatron today, but pluv showed up with an enormous display of customs from JoeCustoms that I know I didn’t spend enough time checking out. Highlight of the Con: WVMojo came up with his six-year-old son, Jackson, who sprinted into the show, screamed “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!” and spent the next forty-five minutes or so running from booth to booth and describing all of the awesomeness to his dad. There weren’t that many booths so he hit several of them multiple times. The rest of us just stood and watched. It was great. Eventually, however, fatigue set in and most of us sat down. Not Jackson, though, oh no. I can only speculate that he’d saved up his energy from the entire week previous only to spend it that day in a fury of toy overload. Much time was spent hiding under tables amid cries of “you don’t know where I am!”; also, Jackson hid under some tables as well.

We were able to lure him in from running laps in the hallway with the prospect of playing the 1:18th scale HeroQuest game that Obi had brought and set up in the center of the hall. As I’d only completed Orcs up until that point, I borrowed a figure from DarkWynter and joined Daremo in what would rapidly come to be known as Team Elf. DarkWynter and Jackson formed Team Meatshield, playing a dwarf and a barbarian, respectively. The game featured some… innovative tactics, including distracting opponents with lustrous, meticulously cared-for hairstyles (Go Team Elf!) and the hugely popular “run away and leave your teammates to die” tactic. Several hours later, my character had a dead giant (yay), dead teammates (mostly yay – I mean boo) and a few thousand gold pieces richer (yay).

Saturday night most of us took a field trip to Big Lots, checked out a local gaming store, and then descended upon a local Red Robin. The less said about Red Robin the better, although the new restraining order is going to look nice on my wall. Oh, and we also hit a local Toys R Us just in time to annoy the employees right before closing. Marco Polo was played in the store with some strangers, and several wave 3.5 figures were purchased.

Finally, Sunday crept up and smacked us on the head. We spent the most of the morning cracking jokes and messing around, as well as doing some last minute deals. (I was also able to sneak in a tutorial on sculpting from Daremo, but that seems too much like “serious work” for what was going on that day)

Much fun was had watching DarkWynter try to stuff his truck full of all of the things he’d brought PLUS all of the new stuff he’d picked up. I think at the end he was dragging a Rolling Thunder behind his truck on a sled (although that may have been my imagination).

All in all, it was a great weekend; much was learned (by me, anyway) and much fun was had. Huge thanks to Meddatron, darthdre758, starwarsgeek, WVMojo, pluv, daremo, Obi-Shinobi and DarkWynter for making this weekend so great. Let’s do it again soon, guys.

Big thanks to Fogger1138 for sharing his Con experience!  Check out one more gallery Here

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