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Road Pig by Cloud Strife

Road Pig by Cloud Strife

Welcome back to this edition of The Eye For Detail. This week we are looking at Cloud Strife and his 3rd custom of Road Pig.

Bio – Of all the Dreadnoks, Road Pig may be the most fearsome of them all. With his immense strength, violent temper and antisocial behavior, he should have been a natural member of that infamous group of bikers. Yet, he was considered as too obnoxious and smelling worse than the other Dreadnoks care to be. He should have of gotten the boot right from the get go but, like the outlaw gang that took him in before them, they found it hard to say no to him. To placate him, they had to put him in “probationary status”, making him the only member to have ever undergone this process. Right now, he’s so obnoxious that they would like to kick him out but they still have yet to figure out how.

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