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Road Pig by Cloud Strife

Road Pig by Cloud Strife

I thought Cloud’s second version of Road Pig was fantastic. Now I look at that one and see it as a stepping stone towards the greatness this custom is. I am a huge Dreadnok fan and this custom is the best Nok custom I have seen since Cloud’s Buzzer.

The parts choice works so well here. He has the size and intimidation factor that Road Pig deserves. You can see various different figure parts, custom casts, sculpting, and ingenuity went into this custom. Cloud held nothing back.

The paint apps are another aspect this guy really shines. The weathering is flawless and the skin tone is perfect. Not much else I can say here but bravo.

In the end, this very well be my favorite custom Cloud has done to date. I am really looking forward to seeing more Noks in the future from Cloud.

You can view the original thread here. Now for the gallery.

I would like to thank Cloud for showing us his custom, and I would like to thank the readers. Eye will see you later.

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