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X Review: FSS2 Cesspool

X Review: FSS2 Cesspool


The paint is really well applied. I can’t speak for everyone’s, though I haven’t heard many complaints out there. Cesspool is cast primarily in this turquoise/teal color that looks very close to the original’s color scheme. There’s some purple and gold as well, and the toxic cobra symgol on his chest is in a hazard orange color. I do think they should have gone with painting a huge cobra symbol on his chest like the original, but this still stands out quite well, and there’s certainly no question as to what his job deals with.

Like the sculpt, the face is really what shines with the paint apps. Again, it’s very cleanly applied, and the highlight is certainly on the disfigurement on the right side of his face, with that oozing, gaping wound. Then you have that slicked back white hair, nary a speck of paint out of place. They really did an excellent job, and I’m more than pleased with how it turned out.


Cesspool comes with quite a few things, though he’s not super high on the accessory count like later-wave 30th and Retaliation figures. Aside from the vest, he comes with a backpack (different than the one he was originally pictured with), hose, tox-sprayer gun, small injection gun, case with money, and a recolored armored Sci-Fi helmet.

I’m pretty happy all in all with the accessories, even the changed out backpack. However, I’ve read reviews which say the helmet is retooled. It’s not. Show me where it is, because I don’t see it. It’s the same armored up Sci-Fi helmet, just in gold and orange. And it doesn’t even fit well. If you got a few bucks to spare, you can probably find an original Cesspool helmet on ebay, and it’ll give you that classic-and-modern look you’re looking for.

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