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Hiya Toys Q and A

Hiya Toys Q and A

logo_seal_smallThe biggest and most important Toy Convention is underway and the news is coming in from all angles. I’m of course referring to Toy Fair 2014. Times are hard right now for the 1:18th scale community as several companies are looking to a larger scale. Lucky for us we have Hiya Toy who are responsible for the recently released Our War Germans and the upcoming Aliens. I recently contacted Hiya Toy and they informed me that they wouldn’t be able to attend Toy Fair 2014 however we do have some good news.

Admin Major Blood conducted an exclusive Question and Answer session with Hiya Toy and you won’t believe the great Intel they shared. Before we get to the Q and A, I have to give a big thanks to Major Blood for putting in the work to gather this information.

Check out the Q and A Here

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