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Deep Six by nath_1977

Deep Six by nath_1977

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Eye For Detail. Today the Eye looks at Fighting 118th member nath_1977 and his G.I. Joe Deep Six in original colors custom.

Bio – His real name is Malcolm R. Willoughby, and his rank is that of Navy Petty Officer 2nd class (Master Diver’s rating). Deep Six was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Deep Six’s primary military specialty is diver and his secondary military specialty is small craft pilot/motorized. He likes to be alone, preferably down in the ocean depths. He was one of the twelve out of 50 applicants who passed the strict requirements for the position of the Joe Team diver; eight more washed out in the practical application testing, and of the four finalists Deep Six could hold his breath the longest. – Wikipedia

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