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Deep Six by nath_1977

Deep Six by nath_1977

What a fantastic custom nath_1977 brings us here. The details on this guy are amazing. I often wondered what a good articulated Deep Six would look like. Well, nath_1977 answered that question.

The paint job first and foremost is outstanding. I can not tell what parts are painted and what parts came factory colored from other figures. I am really unsure where the parts came from. I am guessing the base is a figure from Iron Man, but to be perfectly honest I am unsure. All the little stickers/waterslides really put the final look over the top.

There are so many how’s and what’s to this figure that it really stands out as a extraordinary piece of work. If Deep Six ever gets an articulated figure, this is how I would like him to look.

Now for the pictures.

I would like to thank nath_1977 for sharing this custom. I would also like to thank the readers. Eye will see you later.

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