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SDCC 2014 Countdown: Acid Rain

SDCC 2014 Countdown: Acid Rain

It’s almost that time of year!

What am I talking about? The San Diego Comic Convention of course. SDCC has always been the premiere convention here at the Fighting118th. The main reason is the con is in the back yard of half our staff and they’re one of the few places that actually invites us. In all seriousness, it doesn’t get much bigger than the SDCC.

We have dozens of topics that can be discussed and plenty of potential updates to our favorite hobby. Tonight I’m going to focus on just one. What is quickly becoming a favorite line on the site and a toy line that has teased a SDCC showing. Acid Rain.

Earlier in the week the Acid Rain blog posted a “Summer” update. Check out the quote below:

Just finished the preparation for Acid Rain to be shown on SDCC, 
there will be new products and diorama there. 
The details will be posted in the coming 2 weeks. 
Raptor will be available for selling soon. 


Is that exciting or what? In the preview images we get a great look at Bob’s head sculpt, the desired Raptor and a Diorama piece. I’m really excited for the diorama and if it’s anything like the vehicles that have already been released, it will be amazing.

If you notice, the last photo is a promotional image that was recently shared on the forums for the Raptor. The Raptor is in stock on some e-tailors already and appears to be around the $80 range. The pilot is also receiving a new helmet and vest which is great news.

What other new items will be shown at SDCC? What are you hoping for? We have several discussion options for you on our forums.

Lead Admin and SDCC attendee NSA has started a SDCC Coverage discussion Here

You can join the massive Acid Rain discussion Here

SDCC 2014 is July 24th-July 27th and the Fighting 118th will be covering the entire event.

The opinions in this editorial of that of the author’s and not of The Fighting 118th.

Sources: Actionrobo, Acidrainblog

Thanks to Major Blood, Fogger1138 and Daremo for sharing Intel on the forums.

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