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Check out this great PMC custom by TR1ER, a commission piece that is in no way lacking in detail and that dash of realism we enjoy! Read More »

Tigerstripe Camo Customs by Marine Deadpool

  I figured since forum member Marine_Deadpool has been busy pumping out tigerstripe camo’d customs, I felt that they all deserved some time in the spotlight, and what better way to share in the glory than to be presented all at once? For me, MD’s work shows such an extreme, intricate level of detail. The paint looks factory fresh, and all those painstaking brushstrokes have resulted in some beautiful, awe-inspiring work. I’ve brought a few pictures to the front to draw the eye, but to see the rest and join the discussions, you’ll just have to follow the links in their names! Falcon:                   Claymore:                   Flint:                   Big Brawler:             ... Read More »

ATR Pirate by Dark Horse

  As always, forum member Dark Horse delivers! This time, we’ve got an ATR pirate that he’s assembled from what looks to be a ROC delta 6 accelerator suit, a Star Wars droid, and whatever other odds and ends that he could find. While I’m not familiar with this ATR universe, I will admit that it’s an interesting concept, and Dark Horse put it together flawlessly, bringing some real life to his imagination. I’m always quite impressed with Dark Horse’s work, which always evokes that gritty realism found in graphic novels, which is hard to get right.   It’s an awesome piece, and we’re glad that Dark Horse decided to share it with use here at the Fighting 1:18th.   Click HERE to see more pics and to join in on the discussion! Read More »

Invitation to HeroQuest

Earlier this month forum member Obi Shinobi shared with us his Work In Progress photos of his custom Diorama based on the Miniature Fantasy Board Game called HeroQuest only with one catch.  He’s planning on making the game 1:18th Scale!  I wasn’t privy to HeroQuest or any Miniature Game for that matter however after reading through the responses on the forum and doing some research on my own this is turning into one impressive project.  We have some big plans in place for Obi Shinobi’s Diorama in the future however in the meantime you can view some of his WIP photos on page 2 and check out his WIP thread Here Obi Shinobi has sent out a Invitation to the Fighting118th to help create Fantasy Characters for his HeroQuest project.  The idea to to help populate the game board and potentially set up a live game ... Read More »

Meet Raz by Rick

  “Born in the USA son of Israeli diplomats, Raz moved back to Israel while in High School and eventually served in Mosaad, Israels intellignece community. While in the IDF he was an elite urban sniper. There is a $1,000,000 bounty on his head. Since the Wars began Raz has returned to the US re-uniting with some of his childhood friends who were sons of Military brass assisting them with the CIA and SAD divisions in searching out Middle Eastern Operatives in the USA.” So ends the brief backstory of Raz, a custom figure created by forum member Rick. And, as usual, he does not disappoint. Paint work is flawless, giving a great example of how to apply a real world look to an action figure. It’s hard to tell that the dirt and dust is, yes, actually paint, and ... Read More »

Customs by MSWI

  We’re all familiar with forum member MSWI’s work. He’s one of the few people I have seen that can create a true representation of some of our favorite characters, and put it into figure form using a multitude of mediums. The best part about him, though, is the fact that he’s absolutely modest about his skills, and is a very genuine person, and an all around great guy to talk to. I have, many times, expressed my jealousy at his skill, and he’s turned right around to tell me that he wasn’t good when he started, and all it takes is practice. Thanks, MSWI, for sharing the love of your craft with us at the Fighting 1:18th!   Some of these pictures date back into May, but I thought I’d round some of them all up and drop them ... Read More »

Custom 1:18 Samurai Predator by Obi-Shinobi

  Say what? You want a 1:18th scaled Predator to stalk your Joes? To pose with your cancelled JP figure, Recondo, Duke, and Spirit?(We all know they were designed after the characters from the movie!) Well, forum member Obi-Shinobi has done the hard part of putting one together, and I must say that it is fan-freaking-tastic! The figure evokes that subtle terror that the Yautja bring about, and I personally can see many a scenario with this beast skulking in the shadows, watching its prey, calculating their every move, until at last, it strikes!   From the WIP thread for this piece, it seems that he’s using Microman parts for the armor, with MU arms modded onto a Frost Giant torso. The netting used is from a wedding veil, of all things! Superb modding, superb paintwork, and superb parts choices. ... Read More »

Custom Figure Painting Tutorial by MIKED

  We have a multitude of tutorials on the front page and the forums themselves, ranging from painting camo to wiring LEDs, but I think what we have here is quite possibly the most comprehensive and wide ranging painting tutorial to date, and it comes from forum member MIKED. I’m not going to say this is the end all, be all of painting tutorials, but in my opinion you certainly can’t go wrong following the techniques he uses, and explains in great detail so that even the most amateur of us should be able to follow his example.   “Hey All! Welcome to my custom figure painting tutorial. Thank you for your interest. The subject of this tutorial is my new Marvel Universe Hercules custom. I decided to do the Lion of Olympus in his garb from his mid to ... Read More »