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  • did you see MSWI offered up a sarge Belt and Stand to us, I asked him about the belt and he said its between me and you, said we should thumb wrestle. What do you think?
    Right On! Looking forward to seeing it. You have amazing skills and your tutorials will benefit alot of customizers
    No of course not bro. The way I see it, it's no different than my game reviews or Blood's opinion pieces he does. I think it would be some awesome new front page content.

    Also, if your worried about coming off as a douche, you could always have Rex "Publish" it for you. Although I don't think that's really necessary.
    Ah. That's what I'll get.

    I had a bottle of that brown (I guess regular) Gorilla Glue. I seem to recall needing to dampen the pieces to be glued and said screw that. By the time I got around to trying it the damn thing a dried into had solid brick. Kind of soured me on GG product.
    Hey, what do you use for glue, Cloud? My Loctite refuses to keep this resin torso together.
    It's the big tittied one you stormed on.

    Sounds good, and I figured cutting would be involved. Not sure if I'm gonna do that or do a belt with pouches then color match the sculpted suspenders. I magine there will be less articulation hinderance that way.

    Thanks for the thoughts, Cloud!
    Hey, Cloud.

    How would you go about getting a set of traditional web gear (in this case the 25th era Cobra Trooper LCE) to fit well on a 25th LJ torso?
    What comes in the kit? I'll have to check it out.

    He's not an essential character, so kitbash painted the right colors. I'm working on the right parts now. I'll try and post some pics in my WIP thread.

    I meant to take some iPhone pics this morning but I was running late to the train and didn't have a chance to snap them. So far, I'm thinking: Mindbender torso/arms/maybe hands, ROC tactical vest, not sure on the head, but I'm thinking of repainting/cutting down Blowtorch's hair, the ROC boonie, and not sure on the legs.

    What do you think? He's a spare-parter right now, so I'm not looking to put too much into sourcing parts for him cost-wise.
    Damn, I may repaint my Stalker. That camo looks way better than the crap that came on the official one.

    Yeah, that's the knife. I'm mostly done with MH, I just need to mod the backpack. It was a fairly easy figure, to be honest. I still need to paint some highlights on the lower legs and affix 2 pegs to the legs for the launchers and make the backpack peg for the pack work, but he's mostly there.
    I don't need the peg! Hooray! I just need it for my Metal-Head webgear. I'm using an officer's webgear turned backwards, and I used the TRU officer so all I had to do was paint the main waist belt and shoulder pads to make it all white. I just need a knife sheath that's small and fits that tiny space, and the only one I have that would work is a Zartan one, and I think the Resolute one looks better. I like that it's functional.

    I didn't know Raginspoon cast those, or I'd have gotten them from him. I always check his site at the wrong times it seems.
    There's the head from that ROC "Aqua Viper Officer" that I got to use for Cross Country, but I think I may use him for Law, as he looks kinda like the original Law to me.

    Also, I know I still owe you a favor on that oxygen pack that I used for Ripcord... Anything you need in return? I was wondering if you had an extra knife sheath with removable knife from those Resolute sets, or if they were all spoken for... If you have some to spare, I could use one in exchange for something to cover that and the O2 tank :)
    haha, ok, yeah i noticed after i read the dinner post about your wife, i was damn eddie made me look like a ass. lol..

    so your son/daughter is a saggitarious too? or capricorn?

    what year were you born? 77
    he said you are into guys, and i didnt know if he was just fucking around and starting rumors or if it was true, it don't bother me if you are, i just wanted clarifacation. what year were you born?
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