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    Where is Obi Shinobi??

    Been missing his amazing talent on here. I always looked forward to getting on here to see what he had cooking up. Haven't seen him around, hope all is well with him.
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    Introducing The castOr Corner!

    Didn't want to create a new thread but was wondering if anyone out there has cast the Old Man Logan head from the SDCC exclusive a few years back. Anyone know?
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    Bigger Boa Redux - WIP

    Simply amazing. Inspired work, I love it
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    Digler's Turret 2.0 final product

    Can't wait to get mine! Looks great!! Daremo does such an awesome job casting, so excited!
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    Diglers Turrets

    Daremo, are these available for purchase?
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    Marvel Infinite 2014

    Anyone know if they have plans to release that Emma Frost from the Astonishing Xmen three pack that got cancelled?
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    Marvel Infinite 2014

    So I don't keep up with Marvel much anymore but is the new Wasp fig rare? Picked her up at a Kroger marketplace last night
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    Both are awesome as always. That Batman head needs to be cast!!
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    G.I.*Eddies custom contest entries

    I see...I think lol what type of fabric did you use? I was thinking about just an old plain white t-shirt?
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    G.I.*Eddies custom contest entries

    Eddie, where did you get the pattern to cut out for the hood on your v2 Storm Shadow? I need one for my zartan and am struggling to come up with a good one piece hood pattern
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    G.I.*Eddies custom contest entries

    Eddie, awesome job on all of them. Man, how did you make the hood for that v2 Storm Shadow?
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    Chrome question

    I need some help! I have a custom commissioned head of the new IDW Cobra Commander and I want to make his face mask chrome but have no idea how to go about it...any suggestions?? Here is a pic of the head I had commissioned And a link to a pic of the IDW version of the commander for those who...
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    Shoulder armor/pauldrons help

    actually that gives me a great feeling for how it will look on my zartan i'm working on...definitely works with those pads!
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    Shoulder armor/pauldrons help

    Awesome!! PM sent D!!
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    Shoulder armor/pauldrons help

    that's nice Daremo, how is the movement? restricted??