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Dioramas by CustomCreator

  While the Fighting 1:18th is primarily focused on, well, 1:18th scaled offerings, every once in a while someone comes along with work that just blows you away, regardless of the scale. Relative newcomer, forum member CustomCreator, comes out of the gate with all guns blazing! Now, these are certainly not 1:18 scale, but the detail work is flawless. The time and effort that went into each diorama piece just screams with the love of the craft, and it’s hard to tell that some of these aren’t true to life scale. So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy!                                   Thanks, CustomCreator, for showing us your work here at the Fighting 1:18th! We hope to see more in the near future! There’s a TON ... Read More »

Invitation to HeroQuest

Earlier this month forum member Obi Shinobi shared with us his Work In Progress photos of his custom Diorama based on the Miniature Fantasy Board Game called HeroQuest only with one catch.  He’s planning on making the game 1:18th Scale!  I wasn’t privy to HeroQuest or any Miniature Game for that matter however after reading through the responses on the forum and doing some research on my own this is turning into one impressive project.  We have some big plans in place for Obi Shinobi’s Diorama in the future however in the meantime you can view some of his WIP photos on page 2 and check out his WIP thread Here Obi Shinobi has sent out a Invitation to the Fighting118th to help create Fantasy Characters for his HeroQuest project.  The idea to to help populate the game board and potentially set up a live game ... Read More »