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Diorama: Video Store and Theater

Diorama: Video Store and Theater

Forum member Meddatron is an experienced Dio Creator and frequent contributor to the Fighting118th.  He recently shared some detailed pics of his fantastic Video Store and Theater Diorama Set.  Meddatron recently took the time to answer a few questions about his Diorama.

Question #1:  What was your inspiration for the dio pieces?

Med:  The video store was a Homage to my days of working at Hollywood video. it was my favorite job of all time. When it closed, for some reason or another I decided to make my very own. While making it, it occurred to me that if i did a series of stores, buildings, walls, I could make a town of Springfield with aspirations of doing a dio-story. I decided a theater would be a logical next step as well as minimart-gas station which is in the works. I make everything modular so i can re-use items over and over in different perspectives.

Question #2:  You said the video store is named after your sons,  I assume the G and A is short for thier names?

Med:  Yes each initial is their first names. 

Question #3:  How many hours went into assembling the dio and how many hours were spent painting the dio?

Med:  The video store was done in less than a week. I get OCD when it comes to finishing. Its hard for me to guage time spent each day. Waiting on the paint/glues to dry is the biggest pain. I paint most items as i go, than assemble, do weathering after item is built. I build alot like real life, just on the smaller scale

Question #4:  How long have you been making dios?

Med: This is a trick question. If I count high school, Its been a long time. My first dose of replicating dio-style would be the few days i helped paint the drama sets in high school, just 1-1 dios. I was too late getting into it and only was in on it the last fews days. I really enjoyed it. Than i didnt do anything but murals and oil paintings till my kids were born. Once my oldest was old enough to really get down and play I rememberd my dad making me a WWF wrestling ring when I was a kid because we couldnt find real one in a store. I decided to do the same for my kids. That sparked me collecting and customizing and dio-making. That was 7 years ago. So many of my dios have been abused to death by my kids but its so worth it.

Question #5:  What advice can you give aspiring dio creators?

Med: My advice is to look at your everyday junk. look at its shape, picture what it could be, color it in your eyes. Junk is a gold mine for dio-parts. You may not use it today, but you will tomorrow. Also, Don’t stress on small mistakes, they always work to your advantage. They give it a sense of its age of being used. Most aged manmade stuff is flawed in some way or another. Use that to an advantage. Go modular, That way you can re-arrange and redo anyway you see fit. I started with the basics, walls, floors, doorways. Than make/buy anything you can that you see on a block when you go downtown in a city or town. Copy real life.

Thanks to Meddatron for taking the time to do this Q and A and of course for sharing his Dios.  You can view and discuss his Video Store and Theater Diorama Here

Med is also thinking about producing Dios for sale and is looking for your input.  You can give input and ideas to Med Here

You can view a photo gallery on page 2.

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