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Here is the Fighting 1:18th's report from the first day of the Weekend of Heroes!

A Weekend of Heroes 2010 Report! *Updated!*

We made it! AWOH 2010!

Huzzah! We made it there and back again from this years “A Weekend of Heroes” convention in Glendale, CA this past weekend. Granted, we only made it to ONE day, so it was more “A Saturday of Heroes” for me, but it was still a good time.

There was tons of stuff for sale, of every scale and make. Most of it seemed to hover around eBay prices though, so I managed to walk out without buying anything (thankfully).

A Custom 1/6th RC HMMWV

I would say the majority of the stuff there was in 1/6th scale, and I could not believe some of the detail people put into their custom projects! The giant 1/6th scale RC Tanks were probably the most impressive, though the dioramas people created took a really close 2nd.

I went, however, for the good stuff, the stuff WE care about.. 1:18 scale!

Decidedly in the minority, the only real presence of 1:18 at the show was at Merit’s booth in the back. They had a long table with JSI P-38’s, a F-104 and some boxed products from JSI as well. They were also displaying some of their 1/6th scale figures and weapon sets, including a couple of very well done (and licensed!) Multi-cam gear sets.

Merit's OurWar Diorama

Merit also had a small glass cabinet in front of their booth which had a small, but awesome 1:18th scale display for the upcoming “OurWar” figures from Tieka Toys. This was the first time I got to see the OurWar figures in person, and they looked pretty good.

Merit was also showing off a new JSI German Halftrack prototype with a cannon on it,, apparently a “SdKfz 251/9 Stummel”, and a custom detailed ejection seat for the JSI F-14A model.

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  1. The new P-38 “Marge” looks fantastic, as do the Merit Soldiers.

    The Iranian F-14 is starting to grow on me.

    Thank you again for the recon and subsequent intel on these lines, as your insight is always appreciated.

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