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One of our own, A.V.A.C. is down in Florida attending the G.I. Joe Collectors Convention!

The Fighting 1:18th visits JoeCon 2011!

The final displays I want to mention of course are the Diorama cases. These were just amazing; they always are and have become one of the top highlights of the con for me. I could sit and stare at these all day and there is usually enough details in these things to keep one occupied that long. These are the set-ups i used to dream of as a kid; these are what embody the spirit of those product inserts of yesterday. However, these are three dimensional, customized, and adult oriented. The blood and gore are absent, but it wouldn’t take long to go back and add it, and man, what fun it would that be.

This years diorama’s were jungle and urban themed, capturing the spirit of Hasbro’s different environmental themes of “Pursuit of Cobra”. Both set- ups were amazing of course, but the urban scene took the cake. Like a Hieronymus Bosch painting, numerous narratives, drama’s, and violence unfold in a decimated city environment a la Beirut. The artist is quite talented in his craft and you can tell, this guy really enjoys his work, I certainly do. How does one get this job anyway, lucky bloke. My favorite scene, out of many in this dio is a “jungle viper” in a graffiti’d gillie suit next to a tagged up painted V.1 Hiss tank. How bad ass is that for sniping camo? My other favorite scene is the picked off Steel Brigade troops lying lifeless just outside an open man-hole in the street. So much for thinking outside the box and being sneaky guys…

There are many things to keep your eyes occupied at the Joe Con not mentioned here, like great vendors, Joe Declassified, artists, celebrities, half dressed female cos-play characters, countless acquaintances and good friends. All of these things have one thing in common, they are all there to see and drool over what Hasbro goodness lies through the glass at Joe Con.

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