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Q&A with AngelForge

Q&A with AngelForge

Today we’re going to delve into some of the minds that handle conceptualization, casting, and sculpting at AngelForge. What’s AngelForge, you ask? Why it’s a rising star of a casting company which has taken the reigns from SDS, and has, in my opinion, offered consistent service and support. This is something that seems to be sorely lacking in the world of casting today, as so many start out with great service, but begin to falter as time moves forward and order numbers grow. The AngelForge isn’t a part-time casting company by any means, however. They are fully staffed, full-time, and dedicated to the craft.

Along with some “standard” questions, I came to you, the readers, the members of The Fighting 1:18th, and asked for your input. There were so many great questions submitted, that I had to use them all! So read on, and see what separates the AngelForge from the rest of the pack!

Keep reading, there’s more ahead!


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