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Comics: Global Frequency Vol. 1

Comics: Global Frequency Vol. 1


We’re presented with six completely different, unrelated stories here. Miranda Zero and Aleph are the only characters to make more than one appearance.

In the first, a Russian deep cover agent is emitting strange radiation and causing panic. Miranda Zero deputizes the one thousandth and one member of Global Frequency to help contain him.

In the second issue, Global Frequency is called in to a secret U.S. research facility where a cyborg superman is running amok, and they have to put him down before he can escape the facility and cause untold civilian casualties.

Issue three sees a memetic attack from space (downloaded via someone on SETI@home) that threatens to take over all humanity.

The fourth issue has cultists in Australia taking hostages and threatening to blow them all up if their demands aren’t met.

Issue five has Frequency members dealing with an unknown situation that’s caused an entire village to go catatonic.

The last story in the trade has a le parkour runner in England trying to stop a terrorist release of weaponized Ebola.

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