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SDCC 2013: Day 4 News

SDCC 2013: Day 4 News

Here we are at Day 4, Sunday, the last day of SDCC. It hasn’t been the best as far as the news we got from varying lines, and the amount of 1:18th offerings was pretty slim. It was slightly disappointing on that front, though we did get some outstanding news from Merit and The Bridge Direct, which helps quell some of the disappointment. Hasbro didn’t give us what we were hoping for, but we even got some news that was slightly elevating in some respects.

Since there wasn’t much extra news to report from yesterday, and today’s likely going to involve packing and traveling for our boys in San Diego, this is going to be more of a total recap roundup on the last 4 days of SDCC, and as usual, my own brand of humor and cynicism.

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