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Custom Con Featured Artists

Custom Con Featured Artists


Known by many as the best original sculpts casting store in the community (Angel Forge). But what many people don’t know is Dark Wynter the artist. It took a little digging to find some of his work. Well, in all honesty, it took no digging, just a browse of our forums and a browse of the AF forums.

What I learned is not only does Dark Wynter have the skills to pay the bills, but he is very into fantasy customs. I saw more fantasy customs than any other. Don’t get me wrong, DW brings variety, but his main focus seems to be fantasy. Hmmmmm, Heroic Quest DW?

You will see in the photo gallery below that DW has the paint skills, sculpting skills, dio skills, and photo skills to have earned his spot as one of the top tier artists out there. He also is a genuine and nice guy who takes the time to give back to the community with his vast knowledge.

Let’s see some of his work.

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