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The Walking Dead Recap

The Walking Dead Recap

Season 1
The Walking Dead (7)

Season 1 starts off with our star, Rick Grimes, waking up in the hospital after being shot, to find the world around him filled with flesh eating Zombies. His first thoughts are of his family and he starts his quest to find them. In doing so he meets survivor Morgan Jones and his son Duane. We get a little bit of a back story on the zombies here. From there, Rick sets out to find his wife and son.

In the process of hunting his family, Rick gets trapped inside a tank with zombies all around it. Enter one of my favorite characters, Glenn. Glenn helps Rick to escape, but not before he takes a grenade from a dead soldier inside the tank. After the escape Rick meets up with what will become part of the group he will lead inside a department store.  A struggle happens within the group which leads a character by the name of Merle to be cuffed on the rooftop. The Zombies know they are there. They manage to escape but Merle remains handcuffed on the roof.

Rick’s new found group leads him to his base camp where he is reunited with his family. Little does he know he is now part of the hated love triangle. His wife, thinking Rick was dead,  has fallen for his best friend and partner Shane. We also now meet the rest of Rick’s new group and yet another fan favorite, Daryl. Daryl is Merle’s brother and quite angry he was left behind. Rick and a few go to rescue Merle only to find he is gone.

They have a few more encounters with other survivors but ultimately go on a quest to the CDC and hopefully some answers. A lot of Zombie encounters on the way. They arrive at the CDC only to find it void of life except for a man named Jenner. Just when they thought they were safe, Jenner tells them the building is going to explode. The building is on lock down. Rick uses his grenade to get out and season 1 ends.

What I liked most about Season 1 was the questions it posed the viewers. Would you be able to shoot a loved one if they became a zombie? That is one tough question to answer.

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