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2013 Photo of the Month Recap

2013 Photo of the Month Recap

September 2013

Photo by K-Tiger.

The best photos are the ones that either tell a story or spark your curiosity, and this shot succeeds at both.  The little details tell the tale: the scattered maps, the mysterious golden artifact on a shelf, the empty glass near the man’s limp hand – they fill us with questions and fire our imaginations.  It’s left for the viewer to decide what happened.

* * *

October 2013

Photo by Dr Syn.

Seriously, the posing on the skeleton is perfect as it whispers eldritch things into the hapless knight’s ear, sowing the evil seeds of doubt as he prepares for battle.

Well, that’s my interpretation anyway.  Which, incidentally, is the best part of any good photo: it engages the viewer’s imagination.

* * *

November 2013

Photo by Backblast.

If the majority of our site banners are anything to go by, it’s obvious we at the Fighting 1:18th love our helicopters, our modern military figures, and our outdoor diorama setups amidst gorgeous scenery.

While our tastes do encompass many other subjects and eras besides those, Backblast‘s photo managed to bring all three together in a way we haven’t seen in a while.

* * *

December 2013

Photo by Mr Black.

This cool image is proof that lighting is vital to setting the mood and atmosphere to any scene (no matter how simple), and can make or break a photo.

* * *

Check out the Official Figure Pic One-Shot Thread for tons of great photos and colorful commentary by our diverse group of members, and feel free to share your own pics.

Your work just might be the next Photo of the Month, so get cracking!

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