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Resogun Review

Resogun Review

When you first start playing it’s all about shooting enemies and avoiding attacks. As you start to understand the levels and figure out what is going on, you find out that there is so much more to the game. Each level is broken up into 3 phases. During these phases you have the opportunity to unlock power ups and special abilities. You can unlock a temporary shield that will protect you and power ups that improve your firing system.

One of the most challenging parts of each level is trying to free the humans. You have 10 humans on each level and they are unlocked by killing certain enemies. Most of these enemies are only on your screen for a few seconds and you must kill them quickly to unlock the human. Some of the enemies require that you kill them in a certain order. After a human is released, the challenging part isn’t over. You need to find the human, pick them up with your ship and bring them to safety, while hundreds of enemies are shooting at you. One hit from a enemy while you are carrying a human and you are both dead.

The controls are very simple, you can move up, down, left and right. You can boost, shoot, throw a human, use a bomb and overdrive. You may only shoot left and right though, so if you have a enemy above you, you have to move left or right and then up to face him and shoot. It sounds more difficult than it really is. The biggest weapon you have is boost. This is a speed boost that is used to get you out of tight jams. It’s recommended that you use boost in short doses to prevent you from getting trapped with no escape plan. Overdrive is a powerful laser attack that gets charged up during the level. I usually saved overdrive for Boss fights.

Each level gives you a score at the end and rewards you for achievements like hoarding bombs, kill multipliers, lives, and saving humans. You have 4 difficulties to choose from and you will have to play all of them if you intend on getting all the trophies. The 2 single player modes are arcade and single level. Arcade mode takes you through all 5 levels while single level is just that one level.

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