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Review: Lost Planet Vagabundo

Review: Lost Planet Vagabundo

The sculpt on the Vagabundo is very specific to the game. They do have a fairly detailed head sculpt along with the rest of the body. The legs are fairly big. They have the excess hanging in the back that seems to be some type of flair to the outfit. Probably something to pay homage to early pirate designs. The body is proportional though and not really off from what it may normally be. The pants may be bigger to simulate older pirate designs.

The articulation is on par with the Ex NEVEC. The single knee is a tad more restricted. With the pants being bigger there is a little less movement. The foot is on a ball and has not additional pivot to it. There will be some positions that can not be done because of the larger pant design but there is still enough movement to not be like a statue. The torso has the upper part that twists but the rub with that is the tattoo gets distorted but that is the case with most figures that have something similar. The head has good positioning considering how big it is so you can look down the irons if wanted. Kneeling positions are a little difficult but can be attained. Hands are also similar to the Ex NEVEC with pivots on them.

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