Dio parts links/ideas/suggestion thread

There's a person/store on ebay who has the Rement Pose Skeleton and a bunch of inexpensive doll house stuff that seems to come in around 1:18. Not sure though, may be smaller... It's hard to see in my pic below, but there's a shelf with glass cabinet in the background, along with an old timey record player in housing...


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Mar 14, 2011
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Yeah I think for anything that requires really matching a human (such as to fit inside/on) 1:16 is closer. I really dislike buying scale items online though, unless they're cheap.

Many items were at decent prices (~$4) but then the sellers want $12/item to ship. Fuck that.


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Aug 15, 2012
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Emperors throne, get the Hallmark ornament. He is removable with some effort (glued on), perfect throne and perfect scale. I left my emperor in the throne. He looks better than any Hasbro Palp. The eyelet thing on top to hang it unscrews out.

Bit the bullet on this today, & my ideas to build a Death Star are getting far to crazy for my own good.

Paps came out with relative ease. The 4" figure fits nicely or I could put the ornament back in. Now I just need to figure out how big I want this thing. It gonna be huge.