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1:18th Scale News!

  We here at the Fighting 1:18th have a couple announcements to share. Both of which were discovered and brought to our attention by the ever informative and consummate F1:18 straight-man, K-Tiger! They are fairly exciting bits of news, and at least it gives us a glimpse into the future of 1:18 scale and the options that we, as collectors, have ahead of us. And what do these companies have to tantalize us, and seduce the money from our wallets?     First up is Merit’s “new” Huey. While I’m excited that we’ll be getting a Huey again, I have to wonder about their choice in mold. Perhaps this is all they had to choose from, and I’m not entirely certain that it’s an “all new” mold. It bears enough resemblance to 21st’s Hogshead II to make someone believe that ... Read More »

First Images of the JSI Merit Exclusive 1:18 F-14 Tomcat

Fighting 1:18th Forum Member, General Hawk 59 took part in the A Weekend of Heroes Military convention in California this past weekend and came home with not just one, but three of the Merit exclusive LED lit JSI F-14 Tomcats first available at the convention. he shared some of his first glimpse pictures with us. Read More »

Merit Shows off JSI F-14 at iHobby Expo

Merit International brings us new photos of JS International's 1:18 scale F-14 Tomcat from the iHobby Expo currently going on between October 22-25 in Rosemont, Illinois. The newly unveiled, fully painted F-14 is nothing new to us as Merit has showed us pictures of the painted model over the past few weeks, but we are also treated to a possible upcoming surprise! Read More »

Fieseler Fi 103 – Vergeltungswaffe 1 “V-1 Flying Bomb”

When you think of the 1:18 scale hobby, names like 21st Century Toys and Blue Box Toys come to mind. Most have never heard of a small company called Pegasus Hobbies. The simple design of the V-1 was a unique choice for Pegasus Hobbies to make an interesting contribution to a market over saturated with "notable aircraft" such as the P-51D. Read More »

Messerschmitt BF-109G2 Trop “Black 1”

BBi has come to be known as one of the kings of the 1:18 market. Surprisingly, it is because of their amazing balance between durability and details within their toys. This piece is a shining example of those values, but unfortunately this bird is not without its flaws. Read More »